Kitting & Special Projects

Shipped and combined correctly

Shipped and combined correctly

Warehouse kitting is the process of taking multiple products and combining them in a bundle to create one new grouping. If you have specialty products that need to be custom combining , we can make sure your projects get shipped and combined correctly.

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How it works

Kitting Boxes

For kitting, we pack your products into individual units. This includes receiving, kitting, performing quality control services, and then shipping your product for you with the ability to customize boxes and labels based on your specifications. Additionally, kitting can save you money by combining products into one SKU, which reduces your pick and pack costs. Plus, assembling your product in custom packaging can reduce shipping expenses, which is a bonus for your customers as well!


Reduce Handling Costs

To keep our kitting and assembly mechanics productive, our workspaces are set up to reduce the distance and time materials travel and to decrease the number of times an employee touches the material.

· Reduce touch labor
· Optimized material flow
· Optimized warehousing


Kitting Assembly Solutions

The items we typically kit for our clients include:

· Product Samples
· Promotional Items
· Retail Items
· Medical Devices
· Cabling and other Computer equipment


Save Money

By combining your product into one box/pallet or other your shipping costs and pick costs reduce the expense and save you money. By using our contracts with service providers this gives us the ability to pass that savings on to you.


Business Storage Solutions

Why Choose WarehousingIT?

No Long Term Contracts

We offer flexibility with short term storage solutions.

Inventory Management

We can help manage your inventory - big or small.

Multiple Locations

Choose the location(s) that best fit your distribution markets.

Low Minimums

Low minimums that scale with your business.


Your 3 easy steps from your warehousing solution.


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Our Team Will Contact You in 24 Hours or Less

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Warehouse the Items Fast and Easy

You will be able to move your items in days, not weeks or even months, and Warehousing IT has flexibile term contracts for your needs.

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