Warehouse Storage

Short & Long Term Warehouse Storage

Short & Long Term Warehouse Storage

Our warehouses provide short-term and long-term storage, e-fulfillment services, kitting, cross-docking, last mile delivery; using the power of our network of warehouse storage and distribution locations.  We store a vast array of inventory for our clients and our warehouse storage and distribution services are unique to each client.  You shouldn’t have to worry about storage overhead, peak season or inventory control.

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Locations Across the Nation

Whether you are storing one tote or 1,000 pallets, we have the warehouse space to accommodate your needs within your budget.  Our easy to understand pricing saves you time and money on all of your warehousing needs. To control your costs for excess inventory and delivery to local customers for a temporary basis WarehousingIT gets you close to the customer helping drive reduced costs and no contracts. 


No Contracts, No Problems

All your warehousing needs are on a month to month basis, so you are not locked into a contract for longer then you need.  This helps reduce costs of a dedicated warehouse and staff for short term solutions.  When you share warehouse space, you only need to pay for the space that you occupy.   This gives you the customer complete flexibility to manage your business.


Locations Across the Nation

We have over 1500 warehouses in every state across the US, so no matter where you are there is sure to be a space close by for you. No matter if your desired warehouse location is Missoula MT or Atlanta GA we can provide the needed space on both a short or long term basis.


Business Storage Solutions

Why Choose WarehousingIT?

No Long Term Contracts

We offer flexibility with short term storage solutions.

Inventory Management

We can help manage your inventory - big or small.

Multiple Locations

Choose the location(s) that best fit your distribution markets.

Low Minimums

Low minimums that scale with your business.


Your 3 easy steps from your warehousing solution.


Complete Our Online Quote Request

Warehousing IT’s online form will match you to the right warehouse based on your needs and location.

Our Team Will Contact You in 24 Hours or Less

One of our Warehousing IT team members will contact you about your quote and answer any questions you may have.

Warehouse the Items Fast and Easy

You will be able to move your items in days, not weeks or even months, and Warehousing IT has flexibile term contracts for your needs.

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