How do Businesses Manage and Track Inventory in Commercial Warehouses?

Jun 1, 2024Blog

Are you looking for a commercial warehouse where it can effectively manage and track your inventory? With our warehousing and logistic services, WarehousingIT oversees the inventory of your goods while keeping track of your stock-out flows and much more.

Keep reading to learn about warehouse inventory management and how it can help your business.

What is Warehouse Inventory Management?

Warehouse inventory management is a method that entails:

  • Receiving, tracking, and storing inventory
  • Managing warehouse staff
  • Optimize storage space and pricing

All these features directly affect shipping, fulfillment, shipping, and the customer experience.

Why Warehouse Inventory Management is Vital to Your Business

How a commercial warehouse manages your inventory influences how much you spend on logistics costs and how effectively your supply chain operates. When you think about warehouse inventory management, keeping inventory on warehouse racks is the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is way more to warehouse inventory management than you may expect, and this is the main reason why many businesses outsource this function of their company to a third party like WarehousingIT.

Effective Warehousing and Inventory Management

An effective inventory and warehouse management system (WMS) is vital for a business because it:

  • Improves warehouse inventory management procedures
  • Allows the business to keep sufficient stock levels
  • Streamline warehouse processes
  • Enriches the customer experience
  • Decrease costs
  • Enhance total supply chain management

Here are some reasons why organizations that manage their own warehouse should invest in using commercial warehouse services such as those provided by WarehousingIT.

Perfects the accuracy of order fulfillment – If your warehouse is not well-managed or organized, it will create delays and problems during the order fulfillment process. Most issues with orders are due to inadequate packing methods, lack of stock control, and disorganized inventory in your warehouse. By using commercial warehouse services, you can significantly improve order accuracy, tracking, and managing orders more quickly.

Increases warehouse productivity – When warehouse inventory is managed properly, it gives your staff the mental bandwidth and time to concentrate on more strategic tasks like business growth and expansion.

Quicker shipping and deliveries – How you manage and track your inventory in a warehouse can also affect shipping speed. There are many ways to improve warehousing processes to speed up last-mile delivery such as automating order processing.

Saving you money – Accurate warehouse inventory management can save you money, including fulfillment, labor, and storage costs.

Enhance customer satisfaction – A warehouse that executes well is one that tracks, manages, and delivers customer orders correctly and punctually. By making warehouse inventory management a priority, you enhance customer satisfaction through quicker shipping times, lesser shipping costs, and higher order accuracy rates.

Ways Businesses Can Manage and Track Inventory in a Commercial Warehouse

Here are some ways businesses can manage and track their inventory in a commercial warehouse:

Inventory Visibility

A big advantage of warehousing and logistic services is the greater visibility it gives into your inventory levels. Standard inventory tracking could be likely to have errors, producing stockouts and overstocking. Using a warehouse management system will aid you in getting insight into real-time numbers to help offer accurate inventory data, guaranteeing you always have the correct amount of products on hand. Possessing this visibility could assist you in avoiding stockouts that can disrupt your operations and making informed decisions for restocking.

Production Support

By establishing a partnership with a commercial warehouse storage facility, you can keep your inventory stored securely until needed. When you need an item, you can swiftly recall it from the commercial warehouse. This helps to reduce production lead times as all inventory products and goods will be ready for customer orders.

Decreased Inventory Loss

Tasks like order picking, and counting inventory aren’t just time-consuming but are also susceptible to human error. Using warehousing and logistic services can aid in streamlining and automating these processes, boosting labor productivity.

For instance, automated order delivery routes can help guarantee that your staff uses the most effective paths, decreasing travel time and lessening delivery errors. These procedures could completely increase your productivity and diminish labor costs for your company.

Several commercial warehousing service providers are greatly automated, with identification and scanning happening at each step of the process. These systems are highly efficient and frequently decrease inventory loss. Their specially constructed storage features, including shelving units and pallet racking, could also lessen the odds of damaging or breaking your business’s products and goods and increase profits. And because many commercial warehouses have tight security measures, there is less likelihood of loss due to theft.

Inventory on Hand When You Need It

Commercial warehousing services let you keep inventory on hand for when you need it, eliminating the possibility of extended shipping delays, empty shelves, and annoyed customers. For instance, if you expect a definite increase in orders during a promotion, you can temporarily stock up on inventory using a commercial warehouse instead of taking up limited in-store space.

If you are storing inventory in several places, it can become time-consuming trying to keep correct inventory records. Commercial warehouses, like WarehousingIT, use advanced inventory management systems so you can manage and track your inventory, continually knowing where it is, where it’s going, and when you need to order more.

Enhanced inventory management is a substantial advantage of warehousing operations, letting businesses keep top inventory levels and satisfying customer demands resourcefully. Well-organized commercial warehouse space with an effective warehouse management system allows businesses to check their inventory in real-time, decreasing the chance of overstock or stockouts.

Effective inventory tracking within a commercial warehouse facility also decreases errors during the supply chain process, guaranteeing that goods are available when needed and that orders reach customers on time.

For example, perishable products can be handled more efficiently in a commercial warehouse equipped with specialized storage facilities guaranteeing maximum freshness upon delivery. Several commercial warehouse storage services offer quality control measures to make sure that goods stored in their facility satisfy the required standards.

Packing and Shipping

Not only can commercial warehouses keep your inventory safe, but they can also pack and ship goods on your behalf. They can also manage your inventory, saving you resources and time. Customers like getting what they want before it’s expected. Efficient warehousing operations can guarantee that goods are shipped to customers without delays, tracking the package until the order has been fulfilled, which usually creates a returning customer.

Sadly, when orders aren’t fulfilled swiftly or without sufficient follow-up, it could lead to poorer customer satisfaction levels, which is a huge challenge for a thriving business. Warehousing services are an excellent way to keep customer satisfaction levels high, increasing the number of repeat customers and your complete business rating. Being able to keep and attract new customers is the foundation of successful business growth.

Latest Technology

Today’s commercial warehouses use the latest in warehouse management software to give their clients the ability to see their inventory over the internet. This seamless link between a warehouse and its inventory levels permits real-time inventory control. So, a business can stay in the know of its inventory at all times.

Advantages of Using a Commercial Warehouse for Managing and Tracking Inventory

With a central location to manage and track inventory, businesses can enhance their supply chain management by decreasing transportation costs and proficiently fulfilling orders. Among the key advantages, companies can gain from outsourcing their warehousing needs to a commercial warehouse is access to a more expansive storage facility.

This means that they can boost the volume of inventory without having added capital investments and spread out to new delivery routes. Furthermore, partnering with a commercial warehouse as an element of the supply chain can work best for businesses instead of treating it as more storage space.

By doing so, businesses can concentrate on their essential competencies and promote business growth, market expansion, and innovation while knowing that their products are kept properly thanks to the expertise of the staff at a commercial warehouse.

Commercial warehousing lets businesses increase their storage capacity, which is helpful for organizations that need space but cannot afford to own or lease a whole warehouse. Moreover, having access to commercial warehouse logistics services means businesses do not have to deal with the laborious tasks of managing, storing, organizing, and tracking products.

Instead, they can concentrate on other critical parts of operations like marketing strategies or quality control. Using a warehouse’s services can save money through enhanced use of available space and reduce operating expenses thanks to advanced technology like warehouse management systems.

How WarehousingIT Helps Businesses with an Effective Warehouse Inventory Management System

As your business thrives, managing and tracking your inventory becomes more complex. WarehousingIT offers the best commercial warehouse inventory management services, including using efficient inventory management tools and a team that delivers a high level of support and expertise.

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