How Do Commercial Warehouses Ensure the Security of Stored Goods?

Apr 11, 2024Blog

When you need commercial warehouse storage, you want to be content, knowing your inventory is safe and secure all the time. That’s why effective commercial warehouse security solutions are critical to stopping robbery and safeguarding your inventory.

Today’s huge, sprawling warehousing facilities take advantage of digital security solutions, such as 24/7 video monitoring, as well as traditional measures, like security guards.

Why Security is Vital

The loss of inventory because of warehouse theft or negligence can be an expensive, horrible experience. Your customers shouldn’t have to worry about loss or damaged stored goods due to inadequate warehouse security measures.

Their inventory should always be safe and secure. That’s why it’s vital that they can depend on a commercial warehouse storage provider to store their products in a facility with excellent security standards. These advanced theft prevention measures include:

  • Video monitoring technology
  • 24-hour alarm system
  • Coordinated security patrols
  • Motion detectors

Warehouse security is an important aspect of defending your customers from possible threats. You never know when a robber might attempt to break into the warehouse where their goods are located. This is why it’s vital that a commercial warehouse has invested in high-quality security to keep your company’s products safe 24 hours a day.

Vandalism, external and internal theft, and other crimes might not only create a financial loss but could also hurt your reputation and trust with your customers. Using proper security measures like access control systems and security cameras can help discourage criminals and stop unauthorized entry.

When it comes to commercial warehouse security, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you must take the necessary protections to protect your warehouse against possible risks and ensure the future success of your company. The right security solution can make a big difference.

Protect Your Warehouse Facility Inside and Out

Perimeter Security

It’s critical to protect our warehouse facility both inside and out. Perimeter security is an external warehouse security system that secures parking lots, property lines, and entry points.

External security measures help avoid theft by keeping thieves out of the warehouse or by frightening casual criminals into thinking a burglar attempt isn’t worth the risk.

Internal Security

Internal security measures aid in catching staff members who steal products in the warehouse or burglars who breach external warehouse security. Instead of fear and prevention, internal security measures typically center on restricting access or collecting evidence to help catch thieves after a theft has taken place.

Secure Staff Procedures

One of the most efficient ways to enhance security when it comes to staff and visitors is with a building access control system, letting you allow and limit access to your warehouse or restricted areas within the property. With this technology, only the individuals with permission can come into your facility.

The same concept goes for your staff and where they can go inside the building and around the property. You can give employees keycards with clearance levels that allow or limit passage into certain areas based on their jobs. Other methods to reinforce staff security include perimeter security, using remote notification, and installing motion detection devices.

Warehouse Security Best Practices

There’s plenty that goes into keeping your commercial warehouse and its inventory safe and secure. Here are some best practices to enhance warehouse security:

  • Keep separate areas for dispatching and receiving products.
  • Perform a full background check when hiring new employees.
  • Provide continuous employee training.
  • Use barcode scanning or RFID instead of manual data entry.
  • Use a high-quality physical access control system at exits and entrances.
  • Create a security policy regarding trash removal.
  • Unload vehicles through a separate entry.
  • Monitor outside and inside activities by installing a CCTV surveillance system.
  • Only allow visitors unless they are supervised.
  • Install a high-quality alarm system.
  • Create a proper control for the outgoing shipping consignment.
  • Inspect every vehicle that comes in and goes out of the warehouse.
  • Install security lighting outside and inside the warehouse.
  • Put guards at all entrance and exit checkpoints.
  • Inspect and test the warehouse security system frequently to ensure it’s in working order.

Types of Warehouse Security Measures

Some examples of valuable warehouse security tools that can create a high-security warehouse include:

Warehouse Security Cameras

Security is a vital part of any commercial warehouse operation. It’s critical to have procedures in place to secure the warehouse against vandalism, theft, and other security threats. One of the most basic security measures is security cameras.

Warehouse security cameras could be an excellent deterrent to burglars and an effective way to collect viable evidence to pursue a case against them.

Security cameras can help to watch the warehouse, prevent vandalism, and retain evidence in case of an incident. Warehouse security cameras are available in all sizes and shapes like cameras that can track movements or fixed cameras. Today’s cameras also have advanced features like license plates or face recognition that enhance the effectiveness of these cameras.

State-of-the-art security camera systems can get high-definition footage and upload it to an offsite server to help identify criminals more easily and save the evidence if they try to mess with the cameras.

Investing in top-grade security cameras offers a surveillance solution that is a critical step toward guaranteeing the security and safety of your commercial warehouse, your warehouse employees, and your warehouse goods.

24/7 Video Monitoring

Because they must be able to store huge quantities of goods and products at a moment’s notice, commercial warehouses are often huge, expansive facilities. This makes the use of video monitoring and security cameras a vital component of any efficient warehouse security system. Here are some main features to take into account when assessing a warehouse’s video monitoring system:

  • 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Camera resolution
  • Remote (cell-connected) access
  • Alarm system integration
  • Keep recordings

Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting can be a vital part of commercial warehouse security. Warehouses with bad lighting not only give criminals protection but they also could be a safety hazard for security guards and warehouse staff. Keeping good warehouse lighting is a vital safety measure to prevent onsite accidents as well as stop theft.

When it comes to security procedures in any commercial warehouse, lighting might not at first come to mind. However, it’s an important aspect that has a major impact on both security and employee safety.

Poorly lit areas can produce hiding spots for potential criminals, making it harder for security to find and catch them. Employees might also have a difficult time going into dimly lit areas, reducing warehouse safety and raising the possibility of an injury or accident.

Therefore, investing in top-quality, effective lighting systems is crucial for keeping a safe and secure warehouse atmosphere. Good lighting not only improves visibility but also works as a helpful deterrent for unwanted visitors. Think: A well-lit warehouse is a secure warehouse.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are an important tool for preventing stealing and contacting law enforcement in time to stop criminals from getting away.

Knowing that there’s an alarm system puts robbers under a tight time limit, so they don’t take as much or nothing at all. Receiving an alert from a silent alarm helps the police get to the scene swiftly so thieves can be detained before they get away with valuable products.

Security Guards

Having an on-site security staff helps to deter thieves. Security guards can patrol the facility to ensure no criminals are waiting in the security cameras’ blind spots. Having security guards monitor the premises can be a huge deterrent to trespassers, thieves, and robberies on a larger scale. Regular, coordinated security patrols are an essential part of commercial warehouse security, ensuring the highest level of inventory protection.

Access Control Systems

If you’re wondering how very expensive merchandise is kept secure within a warehouse, think of access control systems. Access control systems make it difficult for robbers to get high-priced goods, creating an extremely secure warehouse setting that decreases the risk of theft.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking solutions are critical for guaranteeing that a decline in inventory can be detected immediately. Inventory security is loss prevention 101.

Fire Prevention and Safety Measures

Warehouses prioritize fire prevention and safety to safeguard customers’ goods from the destructive consequences of fires. They install smoke alarms, fire suppression equipment (i.e. sprinkler systems), and fire detection systems.

Investing in continuous staff training also helps to make sure employees are extremely prepared to deal with any emergency efficiently and quickly. Commercial warehouses also use fire-resistant materials and implement strict safety protocols, lessening the danger of fire-related damage to stored goods.

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At WarehousingIT, we implement these strategies to decrease the risk of theft, minimize operational costs, and have a more profitable warehouse. Learn more about how our commercial warehouse operation best practices can lead your organization to more success. Contact us to learn more about the level of safety our warehouse security system provides.

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